Artists Represented

B n’ K Presents is proud to represent the following artists/collective bands. We ONLY represent high quality talent that understands Live Music Entertainment is NOT just a band standing on stage playing music. They are performers! There job is to make their show bring VALUE ADDED benefit to the venues they are performing at. Each band has gone through consultation before we agree to represent them to insure they have clear focus on this goal. Training is scheduled annually with each band to maintain consistency to this model. B n’ K’s reputation rests on the performers it represents. We take this very seriously.

B n’ K Present or any of it’s artists can not guarantee the success of a performance. Too many external factors play into successful promotion/advertising, proper date and timing to avoid conflicting events in the area and improper management or staffing by the venue to accommodate the audience.

What we can make certain is the artists/bands WILL place everything they have into their performance to make the event a success.

We want long-term relationships and repeat performances.